Cubic Zirconia At Best: #DiamondsWorldTour Review

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It’s no secret regarding my feelings towards Rihanna‘s latest album Unapologetic. Although her sales would argue otherwise, I think that album was the worst RiRi has ever made, hands down. It lacked creativity & originality, most of the songs sounded like mastered weed sessions, and it took an hour just to get to a song with some emotional substance.

However, when I realized my mom surprised me with Diamonds World Tour tickets, all my criticisms went out the window. At the end of it all, Rihanna is my boo and I was willing to give her a second chance with her concert. I thought maybe the show would put the album into perspective and that maybe she would prove me wrong and give an amazing show. We all know she’s no stranger to putting fans in check. Plus, my boy A$AP Rocky was supposed to open, too! I couldn’t pass up that opportunity no matter how bad her album was. This was supposed to be Β my concert utopia to break in the Spring.

Unfortunately my hopes and wishes were made in vain and my utopia became as realistic as the Lakers winning the series this year! (((YES I SAID IT!)))

NOTE: They actually have a fighting chance. Read More


First off, A$AP Rocky couldn’t perform due to a stomach virus he’s had since Detroit. Hopefully he feels better soon because without him, the beginning of the future shows will be quite dry and boring. There was a DJ in place of Rocky to make up for the time, however, he couldn’t decide between trap and dub-step which got annoying after an hour.

Then, Ri didn’t come out until 10pm (Doors opened at 7pm AND the DJ called it quits at 8:30pm…. -_-). I understand artists have no time code, and from what I hear ya girl has never been an exception to the rule. But (and this is a strong BUT), considering the lack of an opening act from the Pretty-Mutha-Fucka himself, which wasn’t a surprise to fans, I feel she could have came out earlier.

Rihanna wasn’t just late for her concert that day. Read more.

On top of that, she didn’t Β have any other special guests from her Unapologetic cameos, the few that she did sing, for that matter.

It would have been cool to have seen Eminem or Future for like 5 seconds, just for a little taste. It would have made me forget about the fact that she kept us waiting for no reason. But, instead we just had her parts taken down a key and a lot of acoustics.

Watch Rihanna Perform CAKE!

If anything, the set-list was Rihanna’s greatest hits of all time, from Don’t Stop the Music to Man Down. For all that, I could have stayed at home and listened to Spotify with an amp.

Overall, I give Rihanna a C- for her performance, and the C is for cubic zirconia, at best. Simply put, I wasn’t impressed with her laziness and and boring stage presence. She didn’t do anything special, eye-catching or evocative to keep me wanting more.

I guess she thought her labels and pretty face could make up for all of that, but even that didn’t do her justice Friday night. My suggestion is for her to think twice before she tries to step in the Chi again. I still respect her as an artist but she’s got to come correct if she wants my approval ever again.

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